June 26, 2014

That moment when you realize you have no brakes...

It's the ultimate nightmare, you're fully committed when reach for the middle pedal and find nothing there.

Unless somehow you managed to shear your brake lines, this does not happen just out of the blue, you get clues, a mushy pedal at least to ignore at your own risk.

There is only one way to prevent it:  make sure your brakes are in order, that you have the very best possible fluid and that you have bled the lines properly.

Amazingly, nobody was hurt in this crash at the Rallye Haute Senne but yeah,...putain les freins all right !


  1. Fortunately both wearing hans, but the passenger didn't tighten his belts? Looks like he is forced out of them at the end of the gif.

  2. Well, there must to be some truth in the myth of the fragilty of Lotus F1 cars. It´s said that Stirling Moss also refused to drive them after wishbone failures. Also, Lotus is the team with worse ratio of fatalities/races in F1 (although this kind of statistics can be quite unfair)

  3. My brother, over the course of a season, cut 3 of his 4 steel-braided brake lines in his 323 GTX rally car, leading to 3 separate, ah, "moments." The last of which can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82-9MurxaqQ

    This was from about 1999, so excuse the terrible quality video (we had no GoPro's back then, and this camera didn't even have a wide-angle lens).

    We never did figure out what was cutting the lines. We kept re-securing them up and out of the way, and a check after each incident revealed everything where it should be.


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