June 8, 2014

Ferrari Challenge Montreal

A great week end of racing for CG and Axis in Montreal.

Two second place finishes, two fast laps and two survived brushes with the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve's infamous Wall of Champions!

Both races were won by Ricardo Perez, F1's Sergio Perez's cousin and an experienced touring car racer in his native Mexico, with CG glued to his bumper.

Montreal, 7 June – The drivers of the North American Ferrari Challenge, fueled by the glamorous and exciting Formula One backdrop, put on a true racing spectacle in the fourth race of the 2014 season.
In the first leg of the two classes, there was some hard racing all the way to the flag. Damon Ockey (Ferrari of Ontario) started in pole, and tried to defend his position from the attack of Ricardo Perez (Ferrari of Houston) who finished first despite several attempts to overtake him by Carlos Gomez (Ferrari of San Francisco). In the end, the Trofeo Pirelli podium was completed by Emmanuel Anassis (Ferrari of Quebec).
Of the Coppa Shell drivers, the victory went to Chris Ruud (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) who led from the start all the way to the finish line. James Weiland (Ferrari of San Francisco) maintained his position as well, arriving in second place. Robert Herjavec (Ferrari of Ontario) moved swiftly ahead of the pack and finished third.
The second and final race of the Ferrari Challenge weekend will take place tomorrow morning at 11:15 AM and will precede the official 2014 Formula One Grand Prix of Canada which will start at 2 PM.

Race 2 saw a hefty shunt when Chris Ruud and Ugo Colombo tangled exactly where Massa and Perez would later in the day.   Colombo walked away from the 150 mph hit, a testament to Ferrari engineering and safety design of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Montreal, 8 June – A glorious Ferrari weekend continued today with the second Ferrari Challenge race taking place just hours before the official start of the 2014 Formula One Grand Prix of Canada. The Trofeo Prielli and Coppa Shell drivers prepared the ground this exciting race Sunday morning.
In the Trofeo Pirelli class, Ricardo Perez (Ferrari of Houston) maintained his ground, fiercely battling for his first place win against Carlos Gomez (Ferrari of San Francisco) who finished second with the fastest lap time in today’s race. Damon Ockey came in third after a daring overtake in the first turn of the race, competing against his Ferrari of Ontario teammate, Marc Muzzo, to ultimately take the podium.
Robert Herjavec (Ferrari of Ontario) was all smiles as he finished on top of the podium today, taking victory in the Coppa Shell class. Herjavec took the lead from Chris Ruud (Ferrari of Beverly Hills) after a collision with Ugo Colombo (The Collection) at the end of the straightaway. However, Ruud was able to maintain his podium standing, finishing behind his teammate, Jon Becker, for a third place finish.
The fifth round of the North American series of the Ferrari Challenge will stay in Canada to take place at Mont Tremblant in Quebec on June 27-29.


  1. Brilliant stuff this weekend! Some very strategic patience during race one that was well rewarded, and a solid two races overall. It was cool to see the car in person, that livery is awesome in person and very recognizable - "Hey - I read that blog!"

  2. On to Mont Tremblant! Lucky sods! I saw the Canadian GP there with my dad back in ?69 ?70.

  3. I must be confused how this site makes money. I'm also in the wrong business.

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  5. I watched the saturday race, sunday was too early.
    CG was seriously quick. He was held back for a while, until he got second place.
    but by then the gap to first was too big. CG was right behind the Perez, but it looked like he needed a few more laps to over take him.


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