May 1, 2014

Peter Windsor trots out bizarre Senna theory

Peter Windsor picked a weird day to trot out the bizarre and discredited theory that holding his breath caused Senna to momentarily black out and crash.

Aside from telemetry that showed both steering inputs and braking, why choose this of all dates to blame the one guy who's not here?   Wasn't blaming everything else on "the Italians" enough? I don't get it.

You can see the rest of the clips here


  1. Why choose this of all dates to post this on your blog as well? Why not ignore it like the rest of us and pay tribute?

  2. Peter Windsor is just as good at journalism as he was running USF1.

  3. british lobby on real responsible is still strong.
    everyone in Italy know the reason (steering broke)
    And it does not matter if by law in one country or another it is accounted in a different way.

    The reason is still there.

  4. People forget that it was Peter Windsor who was Frank Williams's best friend and was the passenger in the car the day Williams crashed, paralyzing himself. Since Senna's death Windsor has done everything he can to get the blame off the team and place it elsewhere, including writing some specious articles in protection of Williams, Patrick head, and Adrian Newey.

  5. Fighter pilots do it when they are taking G-loads, maybe there is some credibility for Ayrton doing that making the turn? For sure not holding his breath for the whole lap, but just the turns?

  6. I don't think he blacked out... if that the case his helmet will be pulled to the right due the Gs and not the left...

    To me was either the car hit the bottom because of the ride high, or the debris where stuck for a second making the front wells loose contact OR the steering rod.


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