April 25, 2014

In Praise of Grassroots Racing

how they got away with it...remains a mystery!

Granted, the trophies usually suck and the grid girls, well, if there are any they are sort of dodgy but that does not mean amateur racing is not every bit as exciting as the top of the professional ranks.

If driving the top three cars in the NASA Northears season opener were Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton this video would be, rightly so, an internet sensation.    Thing is, I don't think they would have fought any harder or flogged these old bimmers much faster.   It was one of the best races I ever saw and it was won by precisely a half a fender lengths.

But, like hundreds of other epic amateur races, if you were not there you would never know it happened.

So we salute all the racers that sleep in their trailers and rip hard at the track, just for the love of the sport.

This is a highlight video,  you are riding with Sean Curran,  the orange and gray 343 Axis of Oversteer car is driven by Pete Thibault and the red DriveGear.com rental by Peter McIntosh.    Pete ended up winning, as we mentioned, by half a fender but only after somehow avoiding a massive accident.

You can see the unedited video here.

Pete and Sean are driving  driving this very car in the 12 hour Devil in the Dark at NJMP this week end.

Cheers guys!


  1. Awesome! The real racers are those at grassroots level!!

    We run a 2-heat 8-lap Saturday night race at Sepang 6-7 times a year, pure grassroots level, and it rocks!


  2. Fantastic. The near miss was entertaining but the whole thing was brilliant.


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