April 14, 2014

For Mercedes, revenge is best tasted cold.

Eclipsed somewhat by the news from Maranello today's FIA hearing in Paris of Red Bull's appeal in the "Flow-gate" controversy was quite something.

Red Bull was , as you would expect, in front of the commission with its lawyers arguing their case.  But also there were lawyers for Mercedes arguing the FIA should hammer the Austrians.

Now think back about a year to the last F1 "-gate"  the Pirelli secret test controversy of 2013.  Red Bull lobbied the FIA for the strongest possible punishment for the German team.     Mercedes took note and filed it away.

Mercedes' lawyer accused Red Bull of defying instruction from officials and in the process hurting competition.   The referred to the penalties inflicted on British American Racing in 2005 when they were found guilty of irregularity with their fuel tank.  At the time BAR had argued they could calculate the amount of fuel in the tank via software simulation, something not allowed by the regulations.  They were hit with a three race ban and the rest of the season on probation.

Red Bull is arguing precisely the same thing, that their software simulation is more precise than the method of measurement set forth in the regulations.  Oddly, they conceded that if they would have lost Ricciardo's second place if they had obeyed the officials.

A decision is expected tomorrow.

You can read a transcripts of proceedings at Auto Motor ind Sport


Red Bull ;lost their  appeal, Ricciardo's disqualification from the Australian GP stands but, despite Mercedes' efforts, no further sanctions are imposed.

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