April 11, 2014

Ferrari fishing for a new team boss?

When Luca di Montezemolo ominously declared Ferrari ready to "take whatever decisions are needed" in Maranello today,  many commentators in Italy interpreted this to mean Stefano Domenicali will soon fall on his sword for the Scuderia's dismal start to the new season and the lackluster performance over the past couple of years.

For many, Domenicali's faults lie not just in having failed to guide the team into the new regulations competitively but also for having stayed loyal to Felipe Massa too long and for presiding over a period where Ferrari's political clout within the sport has diminished.

True or not, it is certainly not unheard of for a top man to take the hit when a team is not performing.

Now, who could step into the role of team leader for the Scuderia?   Is there anyone with the gravitas to step into such a delicate situation,  someone presently unemployed... perhaps, with a (fish) bone to pick with the current top dogs in the sport?   hmmm.


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  1. I just emailed a pdf of my CV to Maranello. They've yet to return my call. Ferrari is to F1 what the Dallas Cowboys are to the NFL. No matter how much they continuously sucks, they will always be #1 in the hearts of real pure fans. There's something special about them. They have the charisma, the chutzpah, that extra special shine, whatever you want to call it. Whether they have what it takes as a team to get back to the prime Schumi years remains to be seen. Certainly Ross, Schumi, and Rory Byrne had what it took to get the job done, but this is a new formula. That's a key difference. With the new formula we just switched out one dominant team for another dominant team. That's all. I cold be wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that Rory Byrne helped design this 2014 car. Whenever I feel down cause Ferrari isn't winning I always think of Apollonia from The Godfather. As a Tifosi, Apollonia restores my faith in not only hot Italian chicks, but The Prancing Horse as well. Damn, I just wish Michael Corleone could have extracted her from that car before it blew up.


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