April 1, 2014

Baptism By Fire

Seems like a million years ago but it was just 2008 when the first GoPros started showing up on people's cars at track days.   Most used camcorders then and the idea of a small camera seemed great but reality was that those first models, the ones with the AAA batteries famously never worked for more than a couple laps...ever!

Not many years but unbelievable tech improvements and growth by the company which now not only owns the market but, like with Kleenex and Scotch Tape,  has become what you call any action camera. From space to your local kart track, GoPros are now, literally, everywhere.

Nick Woodman, GoPro's founder, is among other things, "one of us" gear heads and his latest venture,  off road truck racing, is documented in this new clip.

GoPro has been very smart hiring very talented people to shoot and edit videos showcasing the camera's capabilities.    Dynamic range and low light performance has gotten so much better in these little cameras.  And they can certainly take a pounding now.

Many of you probably own a GoPro or two,  what would you like to see improved in the future?   Our wish list is short but very motorsport specific,  of course.

We'd like a visor cam,   because video with the camera on the side of the helmet or on top or on the chin bar, never look quite right.

The ability to do live graphics overlay, a GoPro smartycam.

Add your suggestions in the comments.

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