March 6, 2014

Williams brings Martini back to F1

You got to feel good for Felipe Massa,  in late 2013 his career looked like it was finished, shuffled out of the competitive drive seats.  Massa claimed he would rather quit than take a non competitive seat so it was curious when he signed with Williams, a team that had fallen off the competitive cliff.  What did he know?

Fast forward to 2014 and Williams has come out of winter testing as a surprise top team and today is confirming the long rumored sponsorship by Martini.  For Felipe the chance at a #1 drive and what is possibly the second most iconic livery in racing after Ferrari red.

Cheers Felipe!


  1. What a story it would be for both him and Brazil is he gets his WDC revenge.

  2. Martini, shaken, not stirred. I agree, Massa could be in the interesting position of getting fired and actually find himself higher up the grid. Who knows, if the situation were to arise, I'm sure Felipe would be kind enough to wave to Fernando and Kimi as he drives by. Massa is one of F1's good guys. I wish him well. Martini Rossi could replace Red Bull as the beverage of choice in the paddock this season.

  3. I'm quietly rooting for him this time around. It's one of those wacky seasons with that potential of some of the lower performers from seasons prior to pull a Brawn GP on everybody.


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