March 1, 2014

The New Sounds of F1


(Red Bull content pool)
On this, the penultimate day of testing before Australia it was another disaster for Red Bull.  The team had a decent day yesterday with Daniel Ricciardo at the wheel but no real laps for Vettel today after they had an problems first with engine software, which is a Renault issue but then with a fuel tank leak and a starter gear which are not.    All else aside, Vettel is getting very little time in the car which will just add to his misery...

One thing which is not talked about so much that we will have to pay attention to this season will be gearing.  As you know, this year  teams have to run an 8 rather than 7 speed box and have to declare their gear ratios in Australia.  These ratios will have to be the same the whole season, for every track, from Monaco to Monza.   There is a provision for one change during the season but gear sets are astoundingly expensive, as much as $1,7M according to some sources.  Teams with smaller budgets will probably not be able to afford any breakdowns, much less changes.
Red Bull, as in seasons past, and Williams have chosen shorter ratios,  others like Force India have gone for longer ones.   How that will play into fuel consumption, drivability and wear will be fascinating to follow.

A compilations of clips from Bahrain testing.

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