March 26, 2014

Red Bull slams Charlie Whiting

Is it really a good idea to belittle Formula 1's race director and chief umpire?

Speaking exclusively to AUTOSPORT, Red Bull's Christian Horner said: "Technical directives are not of regulatory value.

"They are the opinion of the technical delegate - as was made clear in the Pirelli case [the Mercedes secret test], which clearly stated that opinions of Charlie are not regulatory.

"It [them being opinions] is even stated on the bottom of the directives now, that these do not have a regulatory value."

Red Bull have gotten their way in the past and are now flexing their political (i.e. monetary) muscle again,  ahead of next month's FIA hearing on the Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification in Melbourne.  Dieter Mateschitz' cryptic comments about leaving the sport are, of course,  a page right out of the old Ferrari playbook, one which Red Bull now feels entitled to follow.

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