March 27, 2014

One year ago this week end: Multi 21

Don't meant to harp on Red Bull, it just kind of worked out that way. One year ago from this week end, Multi 21 entered the public consciousness and nobody has since looked on Sebastian Vettel quite the same way, for better of for worse.


  1. This website is becoming such Seb Vettel obsessed sight it kinda makes me wonder :o) Like when a young man wakes up one morning with his first sprout of morning wood. Why? Cause he's got the hots for for this cute little girl in his sixth grade class. He's frustrated cause he doesn't know how to talk to her, so to get her attention, he makes fun of her instead. :o) I think that's what we could have here. I could be wrong, I could be wrong, but Dr Freud would tell me I'm right.

    Regarding team orders (which every team has), the way you publicly carry that out is exactly the way Rubens handled Schumacher that one year in Austria. If you're quick enough, and that's most important, if you're quick enough, you keep your teammate at bay until the last turn, then you let him pass, letting him and the world know you gifted him the race. On that day in Austria Rubens did it just right...and Schumacher rightfully was booed on the podium. The difference with last years RBR Multi 21 is that Webber didn't have the necessary speed to keep his teammate behind. Seb would have eventually eclipsed him. It was only a matter of time. That's the difference. I don't like team orders, but I understand them. Unfortunately, like politicians or the Kardashians, they are a necessary evil. If Webber had won the three previous world titles going into that race then Seb would have been the one told to move over.

  2. What a world riddled with ennui it is for Mme. Cevert. Forced at bayonet point to read this horrid dreck, this 'writing' most foul.

    Why, however do you stand it dear?

  3. BTW, the whining continues Sebastian Vettel: Ricciardo disqualification affair is “bad for the sport” The disqualification is bad for the sport? Not the infraction, really.... So I guess the Red Bull strategy is "screw the regulations, get on the podium then blame the rules in the court of public opinion" Yeah, that's the ticket! :)

  4. You're right Bill, it's not about saving fuel and environmentally friendly tech, it's about marketing . . . and money. It is only about green in that Mercedes, Renault demanded F1 promote the technology they are marketing in their road cars. F1 is not stagnant, it never will be, the sound issue will be addressed, and Vettel cries way too much. BTW, I accidentally hit the like vote for your comment. Let me be clear I do not like your comment LOL

  5. holy sheeeeesh... Nando will make an amazing politician one day


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