March 3, 2014

Mysterious radial engined race car.

Our man in Monaco came a cross this odd racer with an eight cylinder radial engine mounted behind the driver.     From the color one could venture it might be French and one would guess overheating issues with it must be just shy of Red Bull RB10 levels.

The only other "widely" know radial engined race car was the 16 cylinder 1935 Monaco Trossi, which, while fast in a straight line had the interesting tendency of not wanting to turn at the end of straights.   Putting the engine in the middle would solve the polar moment bit and laying it flat certainly lowered the center of gravity...

I'm sure one of you out there knows the whole story


  1. This revolutionary prototype was created in 1936 by an engineer from Antibes (France).
    Mister Guidobaldi had invented a shock system to lean the car in corners to give more speed, like a motor bike.

    This car uses a 8-cylinder two-cycle "radial" engine with a
    compressor and desmodromic valve ( This car was never raced in a Grand-Prix as it was intended too.
    It was displayed at the museum of automotive at Mougins (06) before being sold in 2008.


  2. The radial engine turned the car into a gyroscope, which resists turning.

  3. i wonder if this is same rotary engines ( "skyactiv" technology) mazda's ads are about ?

  4. With an even number of cylinders it has to be a two stroke.

  5. If they mounted a propeller to it, they could have solved cooling and created the first ducted fan car.

  6. Amazingly, those two glass bottles with polished metal tops match the brake fluid bottles in my 1949 & 1950 Peugeot 203's.

  7. Several frunch racers having modifing car with eight to ten cylinder. Some old models racing cars which have their engine behind the driver seat are very famous in these day. Whenever you buy used car must verify VIN with vin decoding tools. You have to know all detail about car which you going to purchase.

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