March 23, 2014

Let this elderly F1 fan tell you how it is.

It's Bullshit!

Yup, Daniel Brühl really had it down pat in Rush.

Once again great stuff from Peter Windsor:  a three part, free wheeling and wide ranging interview with Niki Lauda.

From the beginning, taking out a life insurance policy on himself as collateral for the bank loan that started his racing career to the birth of his twins in 2009 to the state of F1 in 2014,  what is an interesting  recurring theme with Lauda is his understanding of cycles, both in terms of F1 and  his airline business.  The man simply does not panic,  except perhaps when he has to find a black tie.
Andreas Neustifter/Flickr

Sit back and enjoy, it's a must for any racing fan.

"...Don't give me this bullshit..."

"...You have to see what you can achieve without braking everybody's balls unnecessarily..."

"...The money is always important..."


  1. I love listening to two drivers talk about racing, Hans Stuck and Nikki Lauda. Ive never known if Lauda had a special helmet to race with after his burns, but I'm betting he did. It's absolutely huge!

  2. he talks about that helmet in one of the clips.

  3. Definitely a legend! I rank Niki in my top five, or maybe even top three drivers of all time. Niki was one of the best to ever grab the wheel and put the power down. He really was a four time world champ. He gifted Hunt the title in '76. I like the way a lot of these old school F1 drivers from back in the day, refer to Enzo Ferrari as ilCommendatore, or The Old Man. It shows you the level of respect everyone had for Enzo. People didn't even call him by his name - they didn't have to. When you said il Commandatore or The Old Man everyone knew who you were talking about. Enzo had incredible charisma. He just sat back, wearing his sharp suit, his hair slicked back, looking cool wearing his trademark shades...always wearing the shades!!! To this day we are all beneficiaries of his incredible vision and drive to make his cars, his racing cars, his motor company, the best and most respected in the world.

  4. well, you know that scene in Rush where he says Ferrari are shit... I'm guessing that didn't quite happen like that,

  5. If I recall correctly that scene may have been based upon one of Lauda's later contract negotiations where he asked the aid to translate his demands to Enzo quite bluntly, and the aid responded that he could not say that LOL


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