February 8, 2014

Shane Van Gisbergen is one crazy motha....I mean, Kiwi

New Zealand's Shane Van Ginsbergen may swapped his usual V8 Supercar for a Mclaren MP4 12 GT3 at the Bathurst 12 Hours but he brought some of the door banging antics with him.

About half way though the race and the Mclaren caught and passed the leading Erebus Mercedes of Bernd Schneider for the lead ahead of a Mclaren pit stop.

"Catching Schneider was awesome", said Van Ginsbergen afterwards " Seeing his big German head bobbing around and looking in the mirror was a pretty cool feeling"

Still fighting the duo come upon Mika Salo on his out lap in the Ferrari 458.

Van Ginsbergen tries what has to be the lowest percentage move ever and amazingly does not crash along with Salo and Schneider.   The looks from Van Ginsbergen's teammates are priceless.

Of course, as any good racer would, Van Hinsbergen put the plane squarely in Salo's camp.   "I gave him the international symbol of hello down the straight,  he definitively saw me and cut me off"


  1. YEP, nut job, but super fast !

  2. I don't always drive MP4-12c GT3's.....bit when I do I break lap records.

  3. such a stunning race car that Macca is...and what a track too. Great video


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