January 28, 2014

Red Bull's RB10 blows its nose

Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

Arguably the most anticipated of the 2014 cars, Adrian Newey's RB10 broke cover this morning in Jerez.
While, understandably, Red Bull was a bit cagey with the details and the car seems evolutionary rather than revolutionary, the nose is different from all other competitors.

Newey met the new low nose regulations but managed to keep the high nose profile with what could be described a keel nose (all that talk about him going off to design America's Cup boats had an effect?).

Behind this keel there are what appear to be vents, possibly leading to the exhaust slot on the top of the nose.   A solution related to one seen on Ferrari in years past later "clarified" by the FIA.

Has Newey done it again?  time will tell.

Benedict Redgrove / Red Bull Content Pool


  1. Coanda Noses for everybody!

  2. ...and McLaren continues to spin out of control. Oh wait, their car couldn't spin out of control...because they couldn't even get their car started!!!! Come on guys get it together. DO IT FOR BRUCE!!!!

  3. Just wondering if there is the slightest chance of Caterham getting the wing or the ugly nose right? They are pushing a lot of air over the tires, while letting a lot of clean air flow under the nose. Definitely someone new in their aero department.

  4. Take a look at the other shots of the R 10's nose, you'll see they have sort of mesh grill up front covering a pretty big opening ... I wonder what's going on inside the nose? Are they channeling nose from that front grill and out through the upper vent?

  5. i am pretty sure redbull had that "S" slot last year too.


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