January 30, 2014

How good of a passenger are you?

Car and Driver

Most track guys I know are terrible passengers.  I will never forget my first time at the Nürbugring, riding in the back seat of Dale Lomas's Alfa 75  with Steve and Carlos...  it was, shall we say, interesting, with Dale doing his best to scare the crap out of us.

Nothing though compared to what we have here: the world champion of brave passengers, Car and Driver's Tony Quiroga...

Could you do it?
(PS: I would love to see what those Dunlops looked like after a lap!)


  1. Whoa - you can't let your passenger hold onto the dash like that - or even brace their knee there or you'll never stop it squeaking in future :(

  2. the driver of the yellow 458 was a fucken idiot. putting his nose where it didn't belong. learn car control jerk!

  3. I'm sure we'd all be pushing out imaginary brake pedal in the floor of the passenger side footwell, but there is no way I wouldn't go for that ride!

  4. With Michael Krumm doing the driving I think I could tolerate any kind of speed. You're safer with him at racing speed than you'd be on your own in your daily commuting.

  5. Nissan's insurance provider just cancelled
    their corporate policy after pulling a stunt like that.


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