January 26, 2014

Horrible call robs Level 5 Ferrari of a class win at Daytona. (UPDATED)

Tommy Kendall on the Fox broadcast could not believe it, Dario FranchittiMarco Andretti, Jeff Segal and even Tiff Needell expressed their outrage via twitter at the bogus call IMSA official made on the last lap of the 2014 Rolex 24.

Audi's Markus Winkelhock tried a low percentage  outside pass at the infield kink on the very last lap.  Anyone who ever raced could see how that was going to turn out and, predictably, the Flying Lizards Audi ran out of road at the exit.
There was no contact yet IMSA officials saw fit to assign the Level 5 Motorsport Ferrari 458 driven by Alessandro Pier Guidi (of "spin and recover at Eau Rouge" fame) a penalty for accidental contact.

The cars never touched.

One of the worst calls I have ever seen in motosport.

UPDATE:   IMSA reversed the call three hours after the end of the race, no doubt feeling the pressure and ridicule from irate fans and professionals alike.  I'm sure Level5 would have preferred to be up on the podium and Lizards, not have to give their Rolex's back.

Read about it over at Racer.com

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