January 3, 2014

Falken at the N24

Endurance racing is equal parts preparation and luck, Team Falken ran out of the latter in 2013.

We've seen similar movies before but, even if the race is the same, each story is different and while the music gets a tad heavy at times, it's well worth your 30 minutes.

Client: FALKEN Tyre Europe
DoP & Director: Toby Kahler
Ex. Producer: Michel Pathe
Post-Production: motionctrl
Produced by: nürburgring.tv - media services GmbH & motionctrl Filmproduktion (motionctrl.de)
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1 comment:

  1. I'd only learned of the Tipo 33 Stradale a few years back while doing a Goggle image search for something else. [I don't recall what] It was quite by accident, but when I came a cross the this *amazing* Allfa, it stopped me in my tracks… so to speak. It is now one of my favorite cars and easily one of the most beautiful ever made. Some might argue "the" most… But what truly amazes me, is it's relative obscurity. I'm 45 and i've been a car nut since before I was legally able to drive. How this slipped by all these years is beyond me. Thankfully though, due to the internet and sites like Axis, the world is finally coming to know this wonderful work of art! Thank you Axis of O, and thank you Alfa Romeo!


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