January 20, 2014

F1 Tech: push and pull in 2014.

In 2012, Ferrari used a pullrod front suspension, gambling the cleaner airflow it allows would overcome the disadvantages in higher loads and difficulty in setup.  Results were mixed but Ferrari stuck with it last season.  Mclaren inexplicably went the same route in 2013 and had their worst season in decades.

There was some logic to that choice with the previous regulations but, with the new lower nose, the aero advantage of a pull rod in the front is negated.   Oddly there have been rumors Ferrari might still choose the pull route in front.

While (ex Ferrari and Williams designer) Enrique Scalabroni may not be the most concise explainer there is, the man can draw and don't  you wish you could be there in the room with him ogling the schematics and discussing roll centers over a couple of bottles of Malbec?

Perhaps, after a few bottles of red, Scalabroni might even tell you why he though it would be a great idea to design an F1 car with the wheels in a rhomboid configuration...

Thanks Peter Windsor.  Part 2 after the break


  1. Enrique is the best! I remember when he used to go the f1 cabins when the Argentine TV aired the races on site.

    It was great hear someone who understood the F1.

  2. what will happen between him and Nando will be the story of 2014. That along with engine blow ups and Kevin Magnusson...maybe.

  3. I love Kimi's dryness and his matter of factness. Animation just isn't his, ehem, strong suit. What % is ambivalence vs understanding he's a hired hand and ultimately an at-will employee pending results is the never-ending source of speculation. My guess? He wanted to know 1. can I keep this car and 2. even if I can't, where can a guy go get a drink around here?

  4. Ferrari is incredibly fortunate Kimi does not hold a grudge and is going to return to them. Ferrari owes more to Kimi than Kimi to Ferrari.

  5. It's a pleasure, the possibility to learn with that type of videos for a future engineer. Lots of thanks!

  6. Fascinating.


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