December 9, 2013

Three Ideas that are better than double points.

You could hear a global groan from fans today when news broke that, in 2014,  Formula 1 will assign double points in the final race.
Most, rightly, see it as yet another gimmicky idea in the name of "entertainment",  we just wondered what Kimi spiked the punch with at the FIA gala last week.

Want to add spectacle and entertain the crowd,  mix up the  championship?  Let's start with dominant cars, take them out of the equation some time because, after all, it's supposed to be the "Driver's Championship".   So mix it up a bit F1, go back to the future and just assign points for modern versions of these gimmicks.   Oh, and suspend the contact rules.

Procar: Yeah these are not around anymore but there are plenty of Ferrari 458s...

Mercedes 190:  what would be the modern equivalent, a CLA AMG?

Of course, if they found it unfair, Renault and in the future Honda could each supply a series of cars for one race per season but honestly, if you need to see who the best driver is, does anything beat a kart?   Imagine this today


  1. Senna would have eventually easily caught that chump Andrea de Crasherus. I thought the ending of SENNA was nice with the reporter asking him of all the drivers he's raced against who was his greatest rival. He didn't mention Piquet, Prost, Lauda, Mansel, or Schumacher...he mentioned his old karting rival Terry Fullerton. Imagine the pride Fullerton felt when he saw that scene. Google Maps offers a nice street view of Senna's old Interlagos kart track. Interestingly, down by the hairpin, just as one dives into the pits for a refresher there is a large sign celebrating The mighty Brazilian....and, um, Playboy Magazine!

  2. Seems like the solution to excitement is in those skinny tires on the 190s.

  3. I can barely believe this double points idea is real. Utterly ridiculous, and at Abu Dhabi, one of the worst tracks for racing/overtaking.

  4. I think the team that buys the most copies of Bernie's new book should get double points. That's how F1 works right?

  5. They should go back to f1 cars without wings and te tray not be should allowed. Maybe a formula ford but with full tech on the engines and KERS.

    The idea of limiting the engines development made that all the money went into aero... making the cars impossible to actually race each other.

    I would love to have something like 1967 but with modern security standard and small engines will full tech.


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