December 31, 2013

Man, dressed as a priest, caught trying to photograph Schumacher

Corriere della Sera
We are probably not the only ones disgusted at the shameful behavior of many newspapers, click hungry web sites, social media pages and even companies in the wake of Michael Schumacher unfortunate accident.

It's been sickening hearing people opine on the dynamic and cause of the accident, on how he had been reckless,  skiing "off piste" where he might "cause avalanches" (Jackie Stewart on BBC) at 60 mph (Times of London).  A special shout out to those who felt compelled to create cartoon drawings of the crash sequence, as they imagined it (Corriere della Sera) and to those companies who thought it proper to include their logo and social media info on "get well" messages.
Stay classy TIM

It's not surprising, given the feeding frenzy, that someone would have tried to gain access  to steal a shot of Schumacher, unconscious and intubated, to sell to the highest bidder.
Sabine Kehm, Schumacher's assistant since his Ferrari days, told Autosprint a "journalist" dressed as a priest was ejected after he tried to get past security on the fifth floor intensive care unit of the  hospital where the seven times world champion is recovering.

No shame.

She also explained how the theory of a high speed fall makes no sense as Schumacher had just stopped to help a friend who had fallen, just above the rocky "off piste" section where the accident occurred.    If you have seen pictures of the location, I think you'd agree it's hardly the epic, avalanche prone, out of bounds, extreme slope you'd imagine from many accounts.

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