December 3, 2013

Be Bernie for a Year

I wrote about this for Road and Track earlier this week,  I though you might get a kick out of it here too:

For a minimum bid of $1,000,000 you can own what might be the the largest, heaviest, most exhaustive book ever made about a Formula 1 season yet to take place:  850 pages, 75 pounds of glossy paper bound in carbon fiber and silver plate.  

But, as they say on late night TV, "that's not all".  Included in the $1M+ will be tickets to all of the Grand Prix in 2014 including seating for four in the Paddock Club.  If you order now they will also include tea with Bernie at each venue* ,  all access paddock pass and invitations to all VIP events.

It would be the ultimate no expense barred luxury F1 experience and you can pretend to be Bernie for a year**.  I'm pretty sure it will sell.

Only in F1.

*if Bernie is free to attend.
**no you cannot have tea with his young Brazilian wife.


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