November 5, 2013

Will Porsche go Back to the Future at Le Mans?

Fans love it, it's no accident Porsche chose it as one of the retro lovelies for the 918 Hybrid super car but, will they have the classic Martini livery on their Le Mans prototype when it lines up at la Sarthe next year?

Autosprint thinks there's a decent chance,  it certainly gets our vote!!

Check out more classic Martini liveries after the jump


  1. Martini would be fantastic, but it would also be possible for livery such as any of the Hippie's or even the pink pig. This would get around the alcohol (or even reluctance by Martini). Either way they can use an old legend or I wouldn't mind them creating a new one!

  2. Maybe pull a playbook from the Honda BAR days.... ZIPPERCAR!!!! Half Rothmans, half Martini. On the other hand, I would love to see the second coming of the truffle hunter from Zuffenhausen.

  3. ESM and Highcroft have both run ALMS with Tequila Patron sponsorship, though Highcroft took it off the car at Le Mans (whether for PC reasons, or just financial ones, I don't know).

    If there's a big problem, I think the colors could stay without the logo. We see it all the time, most notably with every lotus for the last few decades still carrying JPS black and gold despite tobacco advertising being banned.

  4. I'd even like to see the Sunoco livery as seen on the 917/30.

  5. It looks really good! the only thing I don't like is the fin that all this cars have.


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