November 27, 2013

Thus Spoke Montezuma: Luca di Montezemolo Unfiltered.

Above is an extended version of the interview Luca di Montezemolo gave to Italy's RAI. It's in Italian, which will make it hard on many of you, but I thought it was important to have the complete interview rather than have it filtered. The tendency sometimes is for creating headlines so after LdM's CNN interview you saw plenty of "Alonso is not number one at Ferrari" titles. That was not exactly what he said.

Of course since not everyone speaks Italian, like most F1 drivers apparently, I will try to bullet point as extensively as I can.

On 2013:

-Good thing it's over because it was a year to forget
-The issues of 2013 were three:  Our inability to develop the car in the second half of the season.  The change in tires damaged Ferrari which had designed the car around the original specs.  Massa did not produce points towards the Constructors Championship.

On Ferrari's supposed diminished political power within F1.

"I've been hearing this theory every since I started working with Enzo Ferrari in the 1970s.  We have signed an accord with Ecclestone and the FIA  making us the only team with a right to veto any decision so, more power than that you cannot have" "We are also very conscious of out weight in F1 because F1 without F1 would be a very different thing" "but in the end, power comes from creating a winning car and that has been missing from us, everything else is just talk"

On losing second place in the Constructor's because of Massa's penalty

"the penalty was out of proportion with the offense, as was Hamilton's.  Sometimes FIA stewards are just people with gold buttoned blazers who show up at these races and want to make a splash and have some rather ridiculous attitudes, this is something the FIA needs to address.  When you have  teams that invest so much and drivers who risk their lives, you cannot have someone with a little blue jacket trying to make a splash is not right"

On Alonso's frustrations

"Alonso is the strongest race driver in the field, he has lost three championships at the last race, I understand his frustrations, we have to give him a better car.  I gave hims an 8 out of 10 but that's because one needs to keep 10 in your pocket to motivate"

"I was mad when he said he wanted an RB9 for his birthday, but I was mad because, mostly he was right!  but he should not have said it publicly"

"Alonso is mistaken when he says he's competing against Newey, his real adversaries are other drivers, starting from Vettel who's a great driver,  but also Hamilton and Rosberg and Raikkonen who will be there to try and win, to push Fernando and to get us more points"

On Raikkonen

"Raikkonen, like Alonso and in the past Schumacher and Barrichello know that whoever has the honor to drive for Ferrari will never be able to damage the team.  No driver starts the season as number one.  Alonso deserves an important role for all he's done and for being the strongest driver during a race I have ever met.  We took Raikkonen because of his experience and popularity, he will get an equal chance to win for Ferrari.  it will be a very strong team"

On Vettel

" A great driver, a serious kid, when a driver wins as much as he has won, he deserves respect.  My compliments to him and Red Bull, but more to him."

"Will he land at Ferrari in the future?  the ways of the Lord are infinite.... we'll see.    For now our drivers are not the issue, we need to build them a better car and we hope that the new regulations will give us a chance to compete in areas where we are traditionally strong like, for example, engines"

On Alonso's Tweeting

We are going to not allow it,  he can tweet all he wants, but not about team matters because things can be misconstrued and built up into issues that can damage the harmony of the team"

On The Future of the Sport

"We need fairness and openness, we need clear rules that are enforced fairly but also that on track penalties are handed out with more common sense, especially in cases where no advantage was gained.  I expect Todt to work on renovating and improving the FIA in his second term."

On Ecclestone suggesting Christian Horner as his successor

"Ecclestone, as years pass  enjoys making jokes more and more.  I'm glad to see he's still having fun"


  1. He had to eat some crow there regarding KIMI given some of his past statements about the Finn. I'm sure Kimi's happy to be back at Ferrari but I'm not sure how on board he is with the whole "Ferrari comes before the drivers" bit. That goes for Alonso as well, or any pure racer type.

  2. Agreed, Kimi most definite will not be anyone's monkey. And is it me, or is he relegating Kimi to the no. 2 driver here?

    "Raikkonen, like Alonso and in the past Schumacher and Barrichello know that whoever has the honor to drive for Ferrari…" I have no idea what he means by, "not harm Ferrari", but it felt like he was saying Kimi would be like Rubens. Can someone clarify this?


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