November 1, 2013

How fast are your hands?

Photo: Michael Maduske
Lap one of the NASA Northeast Spec E30 season finale at New Jersey Motorsport Park.

The three top divers in the series, Peter Thibault, Sean Curran and James Wilby are all trying to fit into turn four, the high speed kink at NJMP where there is space for just one, maybe two on a good day.

Wilby touches Thibault, in the Orange and Gray Axis of Oversteer 343 BMW, sending him for wild ride to the outer edges of the Axis of Oversteer.

Pete was not only able to save the double tank slapper, but hold the lead and win the race.  Brilliant!

How? Fast hands, check it out it's pretty amazing.


  1. What's up with Lotus not paying their people? When Kimi showed up late in Abu Dhabi I just thought he decided to spend an extra day in Monaco "hot tubin" with his riotous buddies, but hearing Lotus aren't paying in a timely manner ain't copacetic and smacks of degeneracy. Kimi is putting his life on the line to get the car.....and most importantly himself.....home in one piece. Hey Boullier - quite wandering aimlessly around the paddock playing with yourself and looking like Seth MacFarlane and PAY UP! Not cool.

  2. head aimed squarely at where he wants to go, instead of looking around at where he got hit from, brilliant!


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