November 29, 2013

Ferrari Testing the 2014 F1 V6 Turbo at Fiorano?

Hard to say what exactly Ferrari is up to but it certainly sounds turbocharged.   The idea they would go to the, not minor trouble of installing a 2014 drivetrain to a road going car is rather strange: it's hard to see what they could learn they could not on a dyno, where they can potentially simulate every track in the world.  
On the plus side,  if it is a 2014 spec "power unit",  it sounds much better than previous  clips from Mercedes and Renault.


  1. MORE OF THAT! PLEASE! Can't wait for next year to start!

  2. Interesting sound of compressor surge on the second pass as it accelerated.

    What a noise!! Bring on the "Big Units"

  3. It actually sounds a bit like the previous generation of turbo F1 engines and that's quite a good thing. Hopefully this is what we can expect to hear at the start of next season.

  4. Well, it is either the new F1 engine, or Ferrari has a new upcoming turbocharged engine to be sold in their production cars. The first turbocharged one since the F40 if I'm not mistaken.
    That would sound more illogical than the fact that this is their new F1 engine.

  5. As a sports car engine, it sounds tremendous! As an F1 engine? The jury's still out.

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