November 29, 2013

Axis Black Friday Special @

Our friends at TrackDecals are running a special for Axis readers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
No need to go out an beat anyone over the head to get 50% off any order (no $50 limit, for Axis readers).


Not just track outlines but numbers, driver name tags and NASA/SCCA club racing decals and more.

Go to and use the promo code:   axis50off.


  1. "You can smell it coming"

  2. Well, at least the other teams will know which cars to stay away from.

    Although in fairness to Romain, he's been driving well recently.

  3. It's sad, because *everyone*, including Pastor, knows Hulkenburg is the superior driver. Then again, the future of LOTUS may be uncertain after the whole Ijaz *scam*; so perhaps he's doing Nico a favor.


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