October 31, 2013

The Nürburgring roller coaster is a pretty much a dud.

Untold millions of Euros sunk on it,  driving the the fabled circuit int bankruptcy,  the Nürburgring roller coaster stood still for years because of construction and technical issues.

Now it's open and THIS is it?     Facepalm.

Save your pennies for the Ferrariworld coaster in Dubai if you must.


  1. Facepalm is right. The concept was...unique but whoever gave the go-ahead to that pathetic design should be ashamed of themselves. The fact that they stuffed the ride in between the stands and the track shows how out of line the priorities were when they started on that project. Nothing like a ride that shows off the top of the building, either. Just what I want to see when I go on a ride - the industrial A/C and heating units! Oh, and could they be bothered to mow the grass?

  2. I'll stick to Disneyland -- at least they know how to Mickey Mouse something together.


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