September 23, 2013

Will the Alfa Romeo 4c be a little Speciale?

I think the biggest problem the Alfa Romeo 4c has is nobody seems to believe it can possibly deliver what it promises:  a sub 2000lbs (dry) car with a carbon chassis,  Sub 5 sec 0-60, sub the price of a Cayman.

So will the little Alfa live up to the promise?

All real journalists were in Torino for the 4c launch and, lucky for us, at least one is a real driver as well.

Take it away Chris Harris...


  1. The comments on YouTube include Jari-Matti Latvala explaining what happened. Seems real.

  2. No, the biggest problem is that the car is reportedly going to include as standard a well-fed American adult male who takes up no interior space.


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