September 13, 2013

Post Kimi F1 rumor roundup.

Romain Grosjean at Monza. Glenn Dunbar/Lotus F1 Team.

In the wake of Raikkonen's hiring there have been a couple of interesting "buzz" news that go like this:

Photo: RenaultSport
Lotus F1 Team might become Renault:

The engine manufacturer, tired of having low R.O.I. in F1 with Vettel, Newey and Red Bull Infiniti getting all the credit would exchange a free engine supply to the Enstone team for naming rights.

Certainly a return to the Yellow and Blue/Black liveries would be welcomed by fans but I  cannot imagine Renault would tie its name to a team that has just lost its star driver and engineering talents.

Massa might end up at Williams:

Petrobras dollars would replace PDVSA dollars.  I would think Williams would jump at that and with Mercedes engines coming to the team it could be a good ride for Massa.   More buzz is that Rob Smedley would follow "Philip" to Sir Frank's team.

Ferrari has poached more Lotus talent:

This is not a rumor,  along with James Alison,  the Scuderia hired long time lotus aero man Dirk de Beer.  See above.


  1. That first pic isn't Kimi @ Monza. It's Romain.

  2. Hopefully Massa can find a seat for next season. He's no chump. He deserves to at least stay in the show. Its amazing how far Williams has spiraled down over the last decade or so. I knew things would go to crap when brought in Ralphie Shumi, the Winfield sponsorship, and they started putting that Woody Woodpecker face on the front of the car. Jeez. I admire Frank tremendously. After all his team did create the greatest F1 car ever the FW14B. He's kind of like the Professor X of F1. You don't see very many guys from his generation in the paddock any more. :o(

  3. Indycar for massa i would like. But in a good team

  4. There are some rumors saying that pastor could be the next pilot for Lotus/Renault.
    That will be the switch..
    Petrobras/ Massa---- Williams.
    PDVsa/Pastor ---- Lotus.


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