September 10, 2013

No batteries, No turbo, No wing, just pure sex Speciale!

It may be the last and the greatest of the normally aspirated enthusiast super sports cars.
Some corners of the internets are busy arguing it's "ugly",  weird, no?

We're happy ogling  the newly released videos from Ferrari and focusing of figures like ...oh pick one... let's say 0-60 in 3.0secs, just one 1/10 slower than a 1114 hp, $2.5 million Koenigsegg Agera R while certainly destroying is on any track....    yeah, now that's  ugly.


  1. why are you so sure it would destroy the Agera R around any track? The Agera has more power, 4 wheel drive, not much more weight (not sure on this one, but definitely better power to weight ratio than the ferrari). The Ferrari has the active aero, and probably a very clever diff. I'm not disagreeing, just curious about why you seem so sure.

  2. Either Video games are sounding more realistic or cars are sounding more like they do in video games

  3. The Agera R does not have four wheel drive for info.

  4. Something tells me this car under NO circumstances other than someones sheer love for all things Ferrari would this car "Destroy" an Agera on track. This is an amazing car, but lets be realistic here please. There is NOTHING factual whatsoever about what you said in that particular sentence. I'm a big fan of this site, but not a fan of the suggestion that this car will "Destroy" anything until it has actually done so.

  5. I stand by it, the Agera will get to the first turn and fly off the track , It's developed on a runway after all...

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