September 19, 2013

Monkey Revival!


Check out Chris Harris getting really out of shape a Lister Jaguar at the Goodwood chicane...  will Monkey make it stick?....

check it out after the break!

Harris more than made it stick,  he ended the race in second with the 1963 Lister Jaguar coupe  he shared with Anthony Reid.

Great job Monkey!


  1. That didn't seem too bad. More like grabbing it by the neck and giving it the what for.

    And what a beautiful soundtrack. I wish I knew how to make that into a ringtone.

  2. What are the strings going across the car?

  3. Fantastic sounds, looks like a riot to drive too. But where is the HANS? And the seat looks like it's out of a street car. :-/

  4. I assume the strings are pretensioned to pull the belts out the way during driver changes. Love cool little Motorsport details like that!

  5. It's nice to see a journalist on a racetrack.


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