August 10, 2013

The world's most dysfunctional rally crew in action. Hilarity ensues.

Rallying requires driver and navigator to work in perfect symbiosis, two bodies as a single machine processing and executing the information overload to perfection as a single unit.

This is not that.

What it is is quite possibly the world's most dysfunctional rally crew, ever.

Navigator:  "Stay on the road Samy....Samy I beg of you....turn, turn TUUUURN!!"    
Driver:  "Ahhh Shut up...."

2013 Rally of Coimbatore, Indian National Rally Championship, on-board the Mitsubishi Evo 10 driven by Samir Thapar and co-driven by Vivek Ponnusamy who will become legends thanks to this.

I'm told lawsuits are flying and the original user took the video down....of course everyone knows there is no such thing as taking a viral video off the internets....

(H/T Pallav Pradyumn Narang and Ishan Raghava)


  1. Haha! I am not sure if the audio synching is accurate, but it seems like the navigator is giving directions like 1 second before the driver has to make decisions based on the directions, and then complaining about the result. Just as you need to look ahead with your eyes, and hear ahead with your ears, long enough to make decisions =)

  2. sounds like a father son crew lol


  4. This remids me of my father. When he's drunk he always says throttle! throttle!!! at any point of corner or straight. But when sober he can just say corner! corner!!! CORNER!!! :D

  5. ohhh... the eject function... why we took it out!

  6. So apparently lawsuit are flying about this clip... adding to the hilarity

  7. This needs to turn into a Vivek/Kimi mashup video.


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