August 20, 2013

Ferrari 458 Speciale

The next Scuderia is Speciale!

The successor  to the awesome 430 Scuderia will be the 458 Speciale.   An insanely gorgeous looking car, enjoy the first pictures after the break.

All you need to know...

605 hp and 2837 lbs.
Power to weight 2.13 kg (4.69 lb) per hp.
0-62 mph 3.0s.
0-124 mph 9.1 s.
1.33 G lateral on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.
Fiorano lap time 1:23.5  vs 1:25 for the 458 and 1:24.9 for the Enzo.


  1. Once again Ferrari shows their hand first, and once again they lead splendidly. They had to get their updated model out first before McLaren updates the pitifully designed 12C and Lamborghini shows their Gallardo replacement. Nice.

  2. and hopefully the price on 430 scuderias starts dropping now :)

  3. Obviously the Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim Edition. Beautiful car, even wrapped in the flag of Norway. Looks like a toy car you could buy at the airport gift shops in Oslo.

  4. Strange that the first picture shows an extra pair of vents aft of the engine cover before the headlights; in the rest of the pictures it is missing and there doesn't appear to be any breaks in the bodywork to suggest any active aero...

  5. I meant taillights not headlights...


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