July 14, 2013

Better than Coffee? This Honda R272 is a Strong Brew.

You say  you enjoy a serving of "... is better than coffee" meme with your breakfast?  Here's a cup of  Honda  RA271 for you, turn it up!

WTCC champ Gabriele Tarquini drove the 1965 Formula 1 car up the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  Listen to that tilt 1.5 l V12 bark.

The 272 was the  development of Honda's very first F1 car the 1964 RA271,  it gave the Japanese giant its first GP win with Ritchie Ginther in Mexico.  What's amazing it that Honda had just  started building cars in 1960 and previously had just build small motorcycles.

F1 regulations at the time allowed a maximum engine displacement of 1500cc and while most teams of the era chose the v6 or v8 route, Honda was the first to enter a V12 which they mounted transversely in the car, motorcycle style.
Ferrari also fielded a 1.5 l  V12 along with a V8 in  '65 but Honda's motor made more power,  230 HP at 13000 rpm.

The sound will make you smile, certainly made Gabriele grin!


  1. it reminded me the Mclaren Honda 1991 V12 sound

  2. Gotta love the roll bar at shoulder height. LOL. Why even bother?
    Great sound though.


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