June 19, 2013


Bill Auberlen and Robin Liddell held a seminar on proper side by side racing.

Photos: Turner Motorsport

Grand Am has seen its share of asshattery lately  mostly at the hands of Colombian driver Gustavo Yacaman,  the Baghdad Bob of racing ( "Not my fault, Rojas gave me no room"!).  

Here are a couple of real pros showing you can race side by side at the limit and not ball it up.

Turner Motorsport's Bill Auberlen is catching the Stevenson Motorsport Camaro of Robin Liddell at Mid Ohio, a very technical track with slippery off camber corners.   Auberlen sets the Camaro up for the "Esses" on the outside of turn 6 and makes a great lunge into 7,  a tricky left with a blind exit. Beautiful.

Auberlen, with co-driver Paul Dalla Lana won the race after the Corvette of Eric Curran was penalized for blatantly punting the Turner M3 in the final lap.


  1. The bump by Curran definitely was not blatant.

  2. Well, blatant for the cameras anyway, Auberlen did go wide but definitively not wide enough to fit a Corvette through.

  3. The turn complex that he preformed the pass is called Madness, and for good reason.

  4. Im new to this type of racing. Was trying to see if they are paddle shifting? Looked through the whole video but i hardly see any hand movement when i hear the gear changes in audio. It cant be autoshift anyway. Can someone explain?

  5. Difference between the pros and schmoes: blatant head-bump versus just enough.

  6. They use paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. The and movement is non-existent but they are traditional paddle shifters.


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