June 22, 2013

Allan Simonsen killed in Le Mans Crash

Danish driver Allen Simonsen has died from injuries incurred as a result of a high speed crash at Le Mans.   Simonsen lost control of his Aston Martin at Tetre Rouge and slammed into a section of guardrail which is only inches from enormous trees.  It was clear from post accident pictures that the Aston made contact with these trees

We find it shocking there could be a similar safety failure, where two trees are valued more than a man's life.

A very sad day.

Simonsen seemed to put the two outside wheels  on the painted surface on the outside of the fast left leading onto the Mulsanne straight.  The car snapped and slammed into guard rail.


  1. It bottomed out, centreline, on the exit curbing. He pulled a Rocky.

  2. Not even a tire wall? What a disgrace. If they show up next year and that Armco isn't completely changed I'm not watching. I don't want to see blatantly stupid safety decisions continue.

  3. Very sad moment. We'll never know exactly what happened here, but it looks to me as if he let off the throttle at an inopportune moment, due to the action he saw unfolding in front of him.

    He will be missed.

  4. Motor racing is such an incredible sport. However, it is also immensely dangerous. It was certainly sad to learn of Allan Simonsen being killed from that crash he suffered. My thoughts and prayers go out to all whom have known and loved Allan Simonsen, as well as for the team he was racing for. You'd hate to have your car crashed, but even more saddening when your driver is killed in racing.


  5. Absolutely tragic and R.I.P Allan.

    On another note, I can see that section of the track (and any place similar to it) redone next year with the safety barriers like in the Monaco F1 race.

  6. Just amazing how quickly it can all be taken away... R.I.P. Allan


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