May 19, 2013

New Commenting System

Fed up with having to erase spam posts ,  we installed Disqus commenting on Axis.

Axis always wanted to have commenting be as easy and transparent as possible, unfortunately miserable spammers are making this intolerable..

On the plus side, you can now easily post pictures and links!   Carry on.


  1. I still can't get the comment count to show up in the proper place... maybe someone reading is a blogger expert? love that you can post pictures though :)

  2. At first I panicked...becuz I'm not a fan of the old 'facebook only' approval systems that have taken over a lot on blog sites.

    But the old twitter/google account setup works now, so here we go. Keep 'em coming. And, to all those spammers....EFFF EWE! Ain't no way your aunt barb made $3k last week, lol.

  3. But I am a fan of the up/down option. Hopefully people won't waste their time with one-liners anymore. If you want to 'lol', gawker sites still give you the chance to add absolutely nothing to the conversation (although even over there kinja has made pointless crap posting a waste of time...)

  4. Where are you trying to put it? :-)

  5. I'd like the "xxx comments" to appear at the top after "by xxx"

  6. Hmm, email me at and I'll take a shot. There's also an issue with Internet Explorer you can easily fix too.


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