April 3, 2013

Poetry Of Motion

"When all is going well and the engine sounds are harmonious, noise turns into music and the driver becomes an orchestra conductor"
Juan Manuel Fangio

In this amazing "yes, there was a time before GoPro" clip,  the great Fangio is driving a Lancia -Ferrari D50 around the Principality, I'm guessing it's sometimes in the mid to late 60s.  
Note the cars parked along the road, I imagine Monaco gladly shut down to give the master a few laps in what must have been back then just an old race car.

The clip starts with Fangio explaining how, in his time, all their kit fit inside a woman's hat box: goggles, leather gloves, black t-shirt and helmet.

Poetry of motion


  1. What's interesting is the very tiny amount of oppo lock he's using. I'm guessing the technique on those bias plys is just to induce a tiny amount of TTO to get the tires headed in the right direction, then gently but firmly apply power. Can anyone comment on his technique?

    1. It looks to me like that must have bee the only way to get around corners fast in those cars given what looks like massive understeer tendencies.

  2. His technique? All that can be said is that its masterful. Like Willie Mays playing centerfield. Like Miles playin' the trumpet. Like Seka providing services.


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