April 22, 2013

Kimi Raikkonen: How To Win

How do you win? Come in first.


  1. AWESOME! TOTALLY AWESOME! Hunt, Piquet, and Berger were the predecessors, but Kimi is clearly the Spicoli of his generation. Maybe that's why his Renault has been so fast lately. He tuned it using his old mans ultimate set of tools. But whats up with Kimi hangin' in the hot tub with guys not wearing any undies. Is this the reason why his marriage to that Miss Finland chick didn't work out? And where can I get a tshirt with the Perky Jerky sponsor logo on it.

  2. Kimi is single again right? Watch out everybody !!!

  3. Whatever happened to the Ice driving video? Wasn't there supposed to be more? I never saw anymore from the Lotus FB page on it. The short clip we got before was hilarious.

    Love the looks on the cops faces a they go by. They probably have no idea who any of them are on the boat besides a bunch of rich wackos. Ha


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