April 26, 2013

Audi R18 E-Tron At 212 Mph Sounds Like Nothing From This World

Audi was testing in Monza recently, to simulate the Mulsanne straight the chicanes were opened up and for the first time in god knows how long (or since the last high speed test...)  a car has had a flat-out run at the Biasonno turn (you may know it as Curva Grande).

Hard to tell for sure but I don't think they lifted at all making corner entry in the 330/340 kmh range. The turn is not banked, that's just amazing.


  1. Whoa. Nice. It doesn't look to me like they were doing any lifting or breaking at all.

  2. i'd love some in car camera of that turn

  3. Damn, I hate "dominant periods" in racing. Schumacher + Ferrari was fun the first few year. Red Bull, bull!

    But damn! Audi is actually (and has been for years) putting effort in to dominating. They come out with different options and put them up against each other in competition.

    Bringing a long-tail option brings back the days of the 917s, the 512s and all the other "one-off"s designed for Le Mans.

    Anyone up for an R18 Pink-Pig?

  4. Audi Hass been doing this particular test since the R10, why the shock that they aren't using the chicane? Also that's not a long tail just a wing extension (width wise) that they say is an extension of the wheel arch. that aero package wont run at LeMans though, too much drag.

    1. It is a long tail configuration, the bodywork extends back to the trailing edge of the wing whereas the regular bodywork is something in the region of 80mm in front of the trailing edge. Currently there are no plans to not run the wheel arch wing extensions at any race either.

  5. Sorry to burst your bubble but Audi and Peugeot have tested at Monza using this layout for quite a few years. Fantastic video though!

  6. You're right, it doesn't seem like he lifted at all. That's amazing considering that if you look at that rear wing, its basically flat!


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