March 1, 2013

Strange Noises From Testing

Looks wet and cold at Circuit de Catalunya as the teams are on their second day of the final testing session before the start of the 2013 Formula 1 season.

You  might hear some funny noises from some cars, particularly the Caterham and the Williams, on the off and part throttle in the clip above.    Likely it's from playing around with maps, maps which the FIA has been keeping an eye on, especially Renault's.   While the old "blown exhaust" has been banned,  it's certain engineers are trying everything they can to get around to accomplishing the same effect, the flow of hot gasses over the rear of the cars is just too important.    One trend has been to increase gas velocity by making exhausts smaller in diameter.   This in turn increases heat and compromises power, and reliability,  something to watch for.

Red Bull joined Lotus, Mercedes and Sauber in testing a passive DRS system.  As you can imagine a fully passive system that will stall the rear wing is massively complicated to tune effectively but, as we mentioned before, it might be the silver bullet for the team who can come to terms with those complexities.    Also note Red Bull's scalloped top element on the rear wing,  they are the only team to choose that solution.

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