March 24, 2013

Mark, Tell Us How You Really Feel About Vettel...

Vettel raised his index finger again , Webber raised his middle one.
Race wrap coming later but Axis' first thoughts are that Mark won a whole lot of new fans today.


  1. It bring back memories of Ayrton/Alain but the main difference is the team was not involved and was all fight.
    Now they are so pro that they have to think about contracts and money.

    For sure now I will support Mark 100%.

    One thing that to me was more important to me... I'm no way near a Ham fan. Actually I did not like him. But today it showed what is to be a sport man and most of all a gentleman.

  2. This might be the biggest teammate controversy since Prost/Senna. Team orders are for wimps. They are racers. Let them race. This way the best man wins, no doubt. Vettel was of course wrong, but that's the sign of a great champion. He is completely blase' when it comes to protocol or the needs of others. Its the competitors pure killer instinct. Schumacher had it. Prost had it. Senna had it. Vettel has it. The result is all that matters. We know Red Bull want to win the Constructors Title, and I'm sure they'll want to win the Drivers Title as well. For the Drivers Title Vettel's additional points could come in handy in late November.

    1. I agree on the winner instinct BUT as long is clear that apply to both and the "best" win.

      Here was clear that Vettel took advantage and did not follow what was the arrangement.
      Webber next time should take him to the wall and finish any kind of doubt as is obvious he will not follow the arrangement and don't care what the team says...

    2. Yeah, jumping on your teammate when he follows orders and turns his engine down sure makes a great champion. Just like Schumacher you say? Oh, you mean the part where he made damn sure his teammate never had equal footing? Yep, sounds like Seb alright.

    3. Mm I don't think this is true, actually the arrangement Schummy - Barrichelo was clear from day one. That is why he never left if not ask Massa when he joined Ferrari with Schummy and how he had a different arrangements more like rebbull has today.

    4. All the history of Mark Webber getting the shaft by Red Bull repeatedly and you're going to say Seb had nothing to do with that? Really?

  3. What a dreary race... And what Vettel did was disgraceful.

  4. Prost never pulled shit like that. He would run off to his buddy Joseph Maria Balestre or complain to some french journalists but to ignore team orders or fight to the death for some measly 5 points? Never! And the common denominator of Senna, Schumi und Vettel is? Exactly: being a prick on the track and some world titles in superior cars.

  5. Vettel lost in his greed. He even said he wasn't aware of it when he got out of the car. (in sky interview)

  6. This is 'Multi 21'

    The RB Team (Dr Marko) 'sabotage' ...

  7. Woah... After the podium Dr. Markko said that they have no #1 driver... yea right.
    He said "It's not like Mercedes where they have a clear #1 and #2, basically we treat the drivers the same"

    He's trying to create turmoil in the Mercedes team, when his team is rife with turmoil.

  8. Hope that it will cost Vettel later in the season, maybe an engine problem cause he was pushing his engine to hard this race. Just hope it will be not an Shumacher/Barrichelo where they pass each other accidently just before the finish line(accidently by Shumi!!) But i'm glad to see Redbull's dirty laundry
    just hanging outside where everybody can see it, which is not professional for a team like that. And off course Alonso and the other teams will enjoy to put some oil on the fire...


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