March 3, 2013

If You Are Going To Spin, Do It With Style!

During the inaugural Continental Tire Grand-Am of the Americas race in Austin, one of the CJ WIlson Racing Miatas got rudely turned around by a BMW braking into turn 15. The driver, Jason Saini, recovers like a boss!.

The CJ Wilson Racing Miatas had the last laugh on BMW in ST class when Stevan McAleer smoked the faster BMW 128i of Terry Borcheller with a fantastic move in the final corners on the last lap.

(Video by Dustin Kirk)


  1. Always two sides to every story......

  2. Awesome to see a great good young guy come up in front. Stevan is also great as an instructor for youg kids (Was my Kids karting instructor at MMC and GPNY.


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