February 8, 2013

Some say, Porsche drivers wear fire suits...

...driving their street cars at track days you know, because race car. Many think it's really to protect them from the merciless internet flaming they will get for their videos.

This anonymous gentleman gets extra points for the "elbow on the window" style and for the sheer awesomeness of his grabbing the A pillar in order to pull the car back on track

Kudos Porsche Stability Management.

NOTE:  I don't know, nor do I care who the person driving in this clip is.  I wish him all the best in coming to term with his awesome GT2 in the future.  The video is preserved for, ahem... educational purpose.


  1. Sure he doesn't seem know that much behind the wheel, yes he'll look a bit of a dork with his fire suit in the pitlane but the mere fact that he's actually tracking his car instead of just cruising from stoplight to stoplight and getting into flame wars online gives him lots of plus points in my opinion... He's at least putting his money where his mouth is and trying out his car on the track.

  2. Dont even know where to begin. I do agree with Giannis, at least this is on a closed course and not on the road but apart of me cringes at the thought of this guy on a public road trying to show off.

  3. Is it just me, or is there a lot of 'hater' type posts on axisofoversteer lately?

    Who cares if people who cant drive track their cars. More actual motorsport content please :)

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

    1. Hater? more like public service! :)

    2. Who cares? I don't want some idiot doing something ridiculous and catching me up in his stupidity.

    3. He's not racing, he's lapping. You can tell by the point-bys. If he collected you it'd be your own fault.

  4. Can you imagine sitting in the passenger seat?

  5. He needs an instructor in the passenger seat.

  6. If that was the MVP Tracktime event held a week or so ago, it's not surprising. There were several cars into the barriers including a GT3RS that got wadded up and took a trip home on a flatbed. Who lets these dweebs on the track?

  7. How are you guys able to discern he's in a GT2? All I can tell, based on the steering wheel, is that he's in some sort of 997.

    But more importantly, yes, it's a hilariously bad example of track driving. Any of us who have been going to track days for years have seen guys like this.

    I'd contend the guy would be better suited to a pro coach rather than a typical DE instructor, who's just someone who's been to enough track days to develop a rapport with the management and wheel his car around the track in a predictable way, and wants free track time. This Porsche driver, if he's worked his way up the ranks, probably thinks he and his fancy car are too good for an instructor. Put a pro coach with some patience and communication skills in the right seat, give him $1k for the day, and everyone including other drivers on the track will walk away happy.

  8. Fire suit with no gloves = interesting. Maybe it was too hot? ;)
    Fire suit with Hoosier patch = weird.

    Maybe someone lent him the suit?

    Whatever the case, props to the guy for trying his car out in a dedicated environment. And posting his experience online. I'm sure he hasn't heard the end of it and has learned several valuable lessons.


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