February 12, 2013

Production Alfa Romeo 4C ready for Geneva

Two years after it was shown at the Swiss show, the Alfa Romeo 4C is ready for prime time with the first official images of the production car (curiously however, clearly renderings not photographs).

Alfa did not release all the specs nor shots of the interior but 4C will retain the original concept's carbon chassis, turbo 4 engine and double clutch shifter. Alfa claims a power to weight ratio close to but better to that of a PDK equipped Cayman S which is around 1hp per 4.2kg.
The focus is more on "adding lightness" than adding power, something any true enthusiast will appreciate. Given most expect the 1750cc direct injection turbo 4 to output 240/250hp that makes it what, a 1000kg car with a negative lift body?  That would be more than awesome more like an aster to a tracktard's prayers.

Dimensions are a very square 2m in width (78") by 4m in length (157"). Compare to a new Cayman's 71x172.

Final interior pictures have not been released, Alfa is saying inspiration comes from the 8C and the classic 33 Stradale but with lots of exposed carbon fiber.

Price in the 50K Euro vicinity so perhaps $70/80K?
(via Alfa Romeo and Quattroporte)


  1. Alfa supposedly said the 4C will be around $60k. Carbon Fiber is getting cheaper by the day.

    Interior shot: http://www.autoweek.com/galleryimage/CW/20130208/CARNEWS/208009997/PH/1/4/Alfa-Romeo-4C-spy-photo-interior-dashboard-console.jpg

    1. As you can't see any CF at all in that spy shot, I wonder if that's not a dummy cover on there


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