February 4, 2013

2013 Mercedes AMG-Petronas W04

The Mercedes AMG W04 looks to to be on trend with most other teams, an evolution of last year's model with a nose job. Unlike most other teams the W04 was shown with long non "Coanda" exhausts as it was driven by Nico Rosberg around Jerez ahead of tomorrows first day of winter testing.

Lewis Hamilton looks to have stepped into a bit of a political hornet's nest at Mercedes, a team with too many roosters at the top and no discernible vision yet.   Not of much comfort to Lewis fans, he predicted 2013 as a transition year but if he's worried he does not seem to show it, tweeting on a new Blackberry,  sporting a new hat with Monster Energy sponsorship and going home to Nicole on the brand new Bombardier Challenger 605 he just picked up.


  1. "No discernible vision yet."

    While they haven't set a clear goal for the 2013 season in particular, it would be hard to deny that Mercedes is laying the framework for winning championships.

    They thought it would be easy to be a front-runner, perhaps, snatching up a successful Brawn GP and throwing Michael Schumacher in a car, but rather than laying down and dying when things didn't work as they planned they appear to have redoubled their efforts, pumping even more money into their program and attracting a more prominent new sponsorship than any other team I've noticed so far this season.

    For all the politics, silence is probably the best policy with regard to their expectations this season. I suspect that the vision within the team and the pressure from up top is pretty clear.

    1. You're right, hiring Lewis was a bold move if possibly pushed by someone who wanted to make sure MB did not in fact pack it in. Having Lauda, Wolff and Brawn slug it out goes against logic though I'm sure the team is looking forward to '14 with the new cars.

    2. Lauda really has no business being anywhere near the Mercedes Paddock. I think that hiring is a ticking time and at some point we may see Brawn making an exit strategy. Lewis' demeanor is good now because it's all still new and exciting, once they lose a couple of GPs that'll change.

  2. Lewis isn't sharp enough to be worried.

  3. I think is a good opportunity to Nico and Lewis to show they are good car and engine developers for 2014.

  4. COME ON VETTEL!!!! Crush these idiots one for time. Just like the last three seasons. Send these chumps home cryin'.


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