January 14, 2013

Zakspeed Turbo Capri

As almost every other car site on the web is likely to be filled with new Corvette superlatives today, we thought we'd offer some old Ford goodness.

Let's ride in an 1981 Zakspeed Ford Turbo Capri DRM car racing in year's Oldtimers race at the Nürburgring.

Takes a brave soul to actually run a vintage 1.4L engine outputting 320bhp/l (as comparison, GM's LS engine in the new Corvette is 78hp/l)

Predictably, it does not last long but it's interesting that, while no match for the much more powerful Group 1 935 K3, it kills it in the turns.   The Capri had very advanced aero for the time and was condemned as a "cheater car" by rivals.     Zachspeed also built the 1980's IMSA Mustangs.

You can find out everything about the Zakspeed Fords HERE

The video is set to start as the race starts but, by all means do go back and check out the beginning with the well chosen 80's soundtrack from Motorsportvideo.tv


  1. Very cool machine. Always thought this car epitomized cool in its era. The Capri certainyl had the measure of the Porsche in mid-corbner speed. Several times he could have easily punted the red Porsche while off throttle. Question: is that brake bias that he adjusting on the dash for the hairpin at the end of the straight as compared to the mid-speed turns for the rest fo the track?

  2. Does the gearbox use helical-cut gears? It's nice to hear the engine for once, instead of straight-cut gear whine.

  3. Zachspeed?

    Shorely shome mishtake?


  4. What a wonderful sound. Listening from the other room, my wife asked, "What kind of a motorcycle is that?" Classic.

  5. Comparing a turbo motors hp/l to naturally aspirated hp/l. The common idiots mistake. I thought better of you AC. Only forum retards and the ignorant do that stupid shit.

    1. Actually forum retards and the ignorant get butt hurt when their favorite car receives any real or imagined slight, that is usually followed by a rant flying the fanboy flag high on the ramparts of irrationality.

    2. @UhHuh If you read the article correctly you would understand that the bhp/l was being used as a measure of stress that was being put on the engine, not as an absolute measure of efficiency. I think you have only managed to highlight yourself as a forum retard.

    3. Comparing stress on this engine to one unboosted has validity, but not here. The engine in this car didn't last long because the guy driving it missed 6-8 shifts per lap in race one, and then kept overrevving the shit out of it by not shifting into high gear. The hp/l comparison doesn't matter, isn't crucial to what happens here, and doesn't work no matter what because they are two different forms of creating horsepower and involve different designs. And the Vette isn't my favorite car, go ahead an continue to trot out that same old bullshit. I was just trying to say that comparing them to each other is pointless and you went off on some fanboy internet bullshit. It's a great video, but hp/l has nothing to do with anything here.

      Funny you also mention flying the fanboy flag. I really like your site, but could you possibly gob Alonso's knob a little less and lay off Lewis a little more. Ironic you call me out as a fanboy when I said nothing about the Corvette at all, and you're the epitome of fanboyism when it comes to Alonso.


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