January 28, 2013

The Pagani Huayra was quite fast on the Top Gear track

The power of tortellini, tango and beer all came together to propel the steampunk hypercar to an impressive lap time on the Top Gear power board.


  1. Does anyone else notice how the front of the car slams into the pavement before hammerhead? It sounds brutal!

    1. I was suprised the aero panels don't pop up under braking because it look a bit twitchy

    2. Well they do come up in the back, but not on the front. They also appear to adjust as you turn in to the most "appropriate" level (whatever that means). I bet it creates some sort of instability on turn in (and a broken front bumper) if the front deployed too. It's an amazing system!

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGWrH-f5zaE

      Go to about 8:46 to see the Hyuara test v. the McLaren.

      Love your articles BTW.

  2. It's a bloody impressive time. The Top Gear track is renowned for favouring power over cornering performance, but I think that what we are seeing is much more than that.

    Look at the EVO video above: Meaden is a good driver, no doubt about it, but Tiff is definitely the quickest bloke of the two. Despite that, he can't pull away when he's ahead, despite a twisty track that should suit the McLaren better.

    I suspect that Pagani pulled another masterpiece. As nimble as a 458, but with much more power. And probably that moving aero is working better than we expected when we saw the concept.

    I expect to see it against the P1 and the Ferrari 150, probably that's the real competition.

    P.S. This is only the first version of the Huayra. Can you imagine what it will become after several years of development in Zonda style? :)


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