January 31, 2013

An Inspiration

thanks to James Gibson for pointing out this stunning piece of film by Mclaren.


  1. Very cool! And probably too deep for most people to relate to...

  2. Thanks for sharing, axis. A little speechless after that but all the same, a very touching story, and for me a great inspiration.. Rest in peace Bruce...
    and axis, thanks a million.

  3. Great video. It seems to track parts of Bruce's wikipedia page word-for-word though. Seems like the team edited the wiki page (which was last updated Dec. 5) while writing the video, or the wiki page and the video both pull wording from some other source, or the people writing the video copied the best bits from the wikipedia page. I'm guessing it's not the latter.

  4. Here's a link to McLaren's youtube video

  5. One word springs to mind: creepy.

    (This from someone who spent all of 6th grade drawing McLaren Can-Am cars in his notebooks. Also the F1 cars, so svelte and orange, with their nostrils.)

    McLaren (the company) is just too full of itself -- the temperament of the company today couldn't be further from that of its namesake.

    1. Interesting comment, so your contention is Mclaren are desperately seeking that one thing Ferrari has in spades...

    2. I'm no Red Bull fan, but compare their video. McLaren (the company) takes itself too seriously, and that's impacted their judgment.


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